Portable stages...WE COME TO YOU!

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ACS TERMS for CaliforniaStage
Here are some terms and condition that we have worked out with (ACS Relay For Life)
1. NO TAPE of any kind to be used on any surface of the stage to hold banners , OK to wire down, or any thing else to hold to the stage. (Zip ties, string OK)
2. NO CLIMBING over, or onto railing, truss, roof of stage. No sitting on railing.
In-kind donation what we expect from you
1. Sponsor Logo for in-kind on event T-Shirts http://www.inperris.com/New_Folder/images/bannercaliforniastage.gif
2. Track signs / and mention during event so people interested know who to contact.
3. Two T-shirts (usually Large) to Stage hand setting up stage
Now just for fun
What kind of tape is OK to use on the stage when putting signs and banners on?

What is not allowed when using the stage?

How many large T-shirts?

Sorry to do this, but I go over this with everyone but some just don't hear me. Just want to make sure everyone does.